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Pet Insurance

Many pet owners now purchase pet insurance to help with health care for their pet family members. The staff of Belton Animal Clinic & Exotic Care Center is pleased to provide you with copies of your pet's medical records for submission to your insurance company.

Pet Insurance

We highly recommend our pet owners invest in pet insurance for their pets, to make the cost of routine and unexpected medical care more affordable. Below is a list of several companies to check out: you can also use an insurance-comparison service like Pawlicy Advisor or Forbes Advisor to find the best plan for you.

One thing to note: pet insurance does not work like human insurance. Clients pay their veterinary bills in full and then submit a claim against their policy for reimbursement of covered charges - how much is reimbursed depends on the policy. We will be happy to provide copies of receipts and medical records requested for claims filed. Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, and most policies have a new-policy waiting period where any conditions documented during that waiting period are not covered: the earlier you start your pet on insurance, the better the coverage they will have as they age.

The following is a list of other pet insurance companies you might like to explore:

Please research each pet insurance company to be sure it offers the right plan for you and your pet.

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