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Kindest Kansas Citian Award

The Kindest Kansas Citian Awards honors individuals who practice kindness in their day to day life and professional work. Megan was among the Top 20 Winners and Dr. Teresa Bradley Bays was her nominee!

Kindest Kansas Citian Award

It warms our hearts to read Megan’s kind words and gratitude for Dr. Bradley Bays' to keep Kansas City’s treasured companions happy, healthy and safe.

We think Megan’s essay is so wonderful we want to share it with all of you! We invite you to take a look at Megan’s award-winning work below.

I believe that Teresa Bays deserves the title of Kindest Kansas-Citian because she is not only just an advocate of kindness, she is by far the most compassionate person I’ve ever met. Although she cares a great deal about the citizens of Kansas City, she has a love for animals that is shown greatly in her daily life. Teresa’s love for animals is really inspirational in the sense that she will do all that she can to help an animal in need. I think that this is how everyone should be treated, with all the help they need, but unfortunately only few have the generosity, patience, and most importantly kindness to actually do something about it. Teresa Bays is one of these people, and she very much deserves appreciation for all she does and is.

Teresa volunteers at many charities, but especially the Humane Society. Her love for animals really knows little to no bounds, and I believe it’s wonderful for her to help distressed animals for the reason of believing it’s simply the right thing to do. Using a passion as motivation is a smart thing to do, that not everyone often thinks of. My point being that Teresa is a smart woman that is very capable of doing what needs to be done in the community and even extra because most animals and people deserve more than just what’s necessary. Integrity and caring are both admirable qualities that someone can possess, but definitely not all people have, unlike Teresa Bays who most definitely has both.

Outside of volunteer work, she helps in her own neighborhood by taking care of stray and hurt animals. She takes the homeless animals, and finds them warm houses to stay in. Teresa is constantly astounding me with her heart; just last summer she personally took a stray cat that had a hurt leg to her clinic, using all her own money, and helped it back on its feet to a warm home. Belton would be overrun by stray animals if it wasn’t for her kindness.

I hope that one day we can learn from people like Teresa Bays, but most go unrecognized. They deserve to know how much community value they offer to us. Teresa uses her time and money, two things that are very valuable, mainly to help animals in need instead of using it greedily. If only 2 percent of the world were good enough to just help half as much as Teresa does, then who knows what we could accomplish toward a place for everyone to live in. I believe that Teresa Bays deserves the title of Kindest Kansas-Citian because of who she is, what she does, what she wants to do for the animals, and most importantly her astounding kindness.

– Megan

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